While sifting through craigslist ads two years ago, we stumbled upon a listing that we had all but given up on finding - a clean, mid-60s American-made panel van.  

Owned by the same family since it’s original purchase in 1966, our Dodge A-100 is what’s referred to as the Tradesman model - no rear seats, limited windows and a gear ratio made for hauling a heavy load around town.  As the previous owner informed us, the van that had been given to him when his father retired years before.  Now sitting under a tarp in the salty 70-something’s carport, this specific A-100 had served as the work rig for his family’s house painting business for almost 40 years.  While it hadn’t put in any work it was intended for for  close to 20 years, we knew almost immediately this Tradesman was exactly what we were looking for.  It was time to breath new life back into what we now affectionately call Betty. 

After some extensive mechanical attention [which is an ongoing process with any vehicle of this vintage], we recently got Betty all dolled up with a new paint job matching the original white.  The finishing touches, in keeping with how A-100s used to be dressed up by the painters, electricians and plumbers that this rig was built for, was handled by local sign painter BT Livermore.

We couldn’t be more happy with how she looks.  I think if she could speak, we think she’d be pretty pleased with her new role within the company - hauling a few thousand pounds of leather sides and hardware back to our workshop each week.

Keep an eye out for her around town, and if see one of us on the road give a honk and a wave.  We’ll do the same.

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    Had the pleasure of working on the graphics for this van. One shot hand lettering in gold and black. Real tight.
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